Rushing Waters - Joshua James

Rushing Waters - Joshua James

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Joshua James is releasing his latest project titled, “Rushing Waters - Songs Inspired by the Psalms.” This is a unique album that incorporates God’s Word with anointed, soothing, rolling music. As you listen, you’ll experience healing and freedom from the truth of God’s Word being sung over you, and anointing from the Presence of the Holy Spirit on each song. 

“Rushing Waters - Songs Inspired by the Psalms,” enjoy this life-giving music today!

Song Titles:

1. Psalm 27 

2. Glory Snow (from Psalm 148)

3. Psalm 23

4. In the Middle of the Night (from Psalm 141)

5. Rushing Waters (from Psalm 42)

6. Giver of Life (from Psalm 40)

7. A Love Rescue (from Psalm 116)

8. Focus on the Beauty

9. Trust and Obey (from Psalm 107)

10. Invest in You (from Psalm 116)